Welcome to the Whistleblowing Channel of FINSOLUTIA SPAIN S.L.U.

The Whistleblowing Channel is a communication channel accessible to all employees, managers, suppliers, clients, and other stakeholders of FINSOLUTIA SPAIN S.L.U.

The purpose of this channel is to provide a mechanism to report possible irregular behaviour, both internal regulations of FINSOLUTIA SPAIN S.L.U. as well as the legal regulation, strictly confidential. FINSOLUTIA SPAIN S.L.U. guarantees that there will be no retaliation against reporters in good faith.

The informant will be able to communicate, confidentially and anonymously, if so desired by the informant, irregular behaviours and breaches. The data provided will be kept confidentially, and with the due guarantees and security measures legally required.

This ethical channel guarantees compliance with all the obligations required of FINSOLUTIA SPAIN S.L.U. in terms of data protection, as well as Directive (EU) 2019/1937 on the protection of people who report infringements of Union law and the rest of the applicable regulations.

Those who, in good faith, report facts or actions to the Whistleblowing Channel (internal or external) will not be subject to retaliation or suffer any other adverse consequences as a result of such reporting.

Your personal data will be processed in order to effectively manage your communication and investigate the facts communicated through this channel, based on your legitimate interest in knowing and investigating the commission of internal or legal breaches of regulations, as well as on your consent to provide us with your personal information. For more information, please read our additional provision on the Whistleblowing Channel.

Informant data:

Reported issues data:

Detailed description of the non-compliance:

Please, provide details regarding to the suspected breach and any information that may help to investigate and resolve it. Remember that, to be able to investigate the facts effectively, it is necessary to communicate all the information about the incident.

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